Authorised Treatment Facilities

What is an ATF?

  • Environment Agency approved vehicle recycler
  • Has facilities capable of handling hazardous material
  • Attained a high level of environmental, health and safety standards
  • Ensures waste products are disposed of professionally and legally

Why does it matter?

  • Around 2 million scrap vehicles a year is a lot of waste
  • DVLA only accepts Certificates of Destruction from ATFs
  • No Certificate can result in a £1000 fine from DVLA [ Link ]
  • Regulation separates professionals from illegal operators to protect you

Our Network

  • We are an Authorised Treatment Facility
  • So is everyone in our national network of recyclers
  • We select the best recycler based on your vehicle and your location
  • All recyclers in our network are vetted and approved by us

If you sell your car to an unauthorised collector or trader

  • Unlicensed means illegal and therefore no COD
  • No COD can mean a fine and it remains your vehicle
  • You won't be protected if your car or registration is used in a crime
  • It's just not worth it and it is illegal